Anyone else seeing Samsung Members app ballooning in size?

I woke up early yesterday, it was jury duty day and I had to get all the kiddos up and ready and finish preparing to take a week off of work, pocketables, selling a house, first day volunteer wrangling 35 kids, among other things.

Flipped on the phone to a warning that my phone was dangerously low on storage. Nothing was working quite right and I had things to do.

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The Samsung Members app seems to be the thing to blame. As near as I can tell, it exists solely to tell me it exists. Things which can be done in a web browser (such as going to a forum and asking a question,) are listed as features of the thing.

So when I saw it was now taking up all available space, having never been used, I did what anyone would do and cleared the data.

Today, it’s started its slow march toward increasing the size. Nothing as absurd as pulling 12 gigs out of thin air however.

I asked Samsung Support about this, but received no answer so far. Perhaps I have to ask in the Samsung Members app.

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Paul E King

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3 thoughts on “Anyone else seeing Samsung Members app ballooning in size?

  • Avatar of Northwest Eagle

    I don’t even have the app, and I’m on a Galaxy S9. What does it do?

    • Near as I can tell it opens a webpage, contains a browser, and also contains the ability to remote control the phone in case you need technical support. That it ballooned right after the 1 over 1 incident and the data breach had me a little concerned.

      It’s growing at a few meg a day at this point… not being used for anything… betting it’s tracking some behavior.

  • It’s not on my non-carrier branded European Note 9. I did notice other Samsung apps which I don’t use (e.g. Pay) have a large amount of data so I cleared their cache and deleted the data.


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