It’s not just you, everything on the internet sucks right now

Who would have thought that the internet would be being used for every single thing we do at this point? Oh yeah, all of us. Anything that transmits video, was formerly free, it’s struggling to keep up now.

YouTube quality’s down as they ran out of bandwidth, hundreds of thousands of parents trying ABCMouse are killing the rating, Netflix and news sites are getting throttled, anything business that requires a centralized server to process things, man it’s suckville out there right now.

You’ll notice things tend to clear after business hours. ISPs that oversold their bandwidth significantly are choking as residential suddenly becomes commercial and is used during the day. Meetings that once took an hour and 0 bytes of data are now pulling gigs of data as Daniel’s kid drops in to show the board his drawing of a poop taking a poop.

The internet is pretty good at handling this. Well, the internet and people who are pulling hair out by the fist full trying to set up new routing tables to make sure video conferencing works.

The fact that it still works with everyone on it now does kind of surprise me.

Individual services like YouTube, Netflix, free educational resources, Steam, man they’re being pounded.

While everyone is temporarily not talking about 5G, remember that the heart of the internet is not from your phone to the tower, it’s from the tower to the server. It doesn’t matter if you have a 64 core 128 gig ram phone with 2TB of storage when the population of a country is on YouTube watching Baby Shark for the 11 millionth time today.

That and also for the next little bit please be kind to some of these services that are seeing 50% adoption rates when they were never planned higher than 1%. Also don’t rate anything free badly at this point, everyone’s doing their best.

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Paul E King

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