My Note 8 seems to be failing

On October 9th, 2017 my HTC 10 gave up the ghost in a repair shop that had no problems with me watching the repair. They appeared to do everything right, and of course it never booted again. Many attempts were made, I’m a PC technician, it happens sometimes. They made it right a few days later.

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Due to the nature of my work, I require an overpowered slab of glass at all times, and I went to get the most overpowered and interesting looking slab of metal there was at the time, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

It’s the only phone I didn’t root. Part of this probably had to do with the advancement of Android as a platform, but part of it was their UI was pretty comfortable and felt superior to HTC’s Sense in every way.

The only compelling reason to root was the damned Bixby Button and they fixed that pretty early on.

And, for the most part my Galaxy Note 8 experience was great. There was the Sprint/Samsung firmware fiasco which took me down for a month, but Samsung and Sprint both pointed fingers and I still have no idea who perpetrated the messup, but I did get a major credit.

The past two months saw a pretty steep decline in my battery life. The kind of decline that isn’t explained by apps (even removed most things,) and Battery Monitor Widget graphs that don’t tend to make sense.

I’m using 18% of my battery within about an hour these days. Then throughout the day with not using the phone, not running apps, screen off, I end up with about 52% battery left at the end of the work day, with no use.

This sort of tracks with the idea these batteries last about two years and fail. This is sad because there’s only one phone I’m sort of lusting after and I don’t think I’m going to plunk down the cash for a Samsung G20+.

I’d considered getting the battery replaced and then I’m told now that when I talk it sounds like I’m underwater unless I stand perfectly still or use my car’s Bluetooth. Strange.

Today it stopped charging via wired. That’s a new one. It was also instant hanging up on people, that also was a new one.

Through it all however I’m in the wow zone. 2 years 5 months of liking a device. That’s… really unexpected.

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