Nashville hit by a tornado

Hey all, should you want to help out, Nashville got hit by a tornado last night quite unexpectedly.

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I was sleeping with the windows open and didn’t even have a clue until I woke up this morning and learned school was closed. In other words, not much to worry about with Pocketables staff.

North Nashville between me and work is pretty wrecked as well as Germantown, East Nashville, and I’m told quite to the east of us.

If you want to help, I’m pretty sure people would appreciate it. I’ve heard due to hoarding on medical supplies there’s a shortage for the people who actually might need them, and then a whole lot of houses have been destroyed.

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I was out in it for about two hours today clearing side streets, but uncharged chainsaw batteries were uncharged… and I am fat and weak.

Red Cross needs blood, I’m sure someone needs money…

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