Zendure SuperHub Quick Review

The SuperHub from Zendure aims to find a place in your tech bag with it’s promise of being the single point charger for your laptop and phone as well as a data hub and HDMI passthrough. Is it worthy of that coveted bag space? Perhaps. Read on to learn about my experiences using the SuperHub.


I was quite pleased when I opened the package to find the SuperHub to be smaller than expected. It’s about the same size as a fat deck of cards and has a nice heft. The thing feels solid. All of the corners are rounded and the casing is made from sturdy plastic. The review unit I received is a pearly white but it is also available in black.

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On one side is the single power port for the included 1.5 meter power cord. I appreciated the extra bit of length as I kept it plugged in behind and under a bed and chair. The other side has two USB C , one USB A, and a full size HDMI 4K/60Hz port. The ports are well spaced and I was able to use them all simultaneously.


My first tests of the SuperHub were simply to use it as a charger. Both USB C Ports are USB PowerDelivery capable. One at 18 watts and the other at 30. That makes the SuperHub ideal for simultaneous charging of a laptop and phone.

The SuperHub supports USB 3.1, so you get a max throughput of 5 Gbps. I had no problem accessing a USB A DataTraveler drive attached to the hub while also charging my Matebook X Pro laptop and OnePlus 7 Pro phone.

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The only real hitch I ran into is the HDMI capability. I tested HDMI output with my laptop and that worked perfectly. I was able to mirror/extend my desktop, watch videos, and everything else one would expect. Unfortunately, the SuperHub only supports HDMI output for Samsung Dex and Huawei PC Mode supported phones. Connecting a OnePlus 7 Pro or LG G8 did nothing except cause the phone to lock up, requiring a hard reset. I don’t have any Dex or PC Mode devices so I was unable to test this fully.


I really like the SuperHub as a charger and occasional data transfer or laptop secondary display hub. I was really looking forward to testing LG’s PC desktop mode on the G8 and was sorely disappointed that it isn’t supported. It’s a nice compact, solid feeling charger and does a nice job of

So is it worth buying? Perhaps at the Kickstarter price of $49 and if you have a compatible Samsung or Huawei phone. If you don’t care about extending your phone display it’s still nice to use with a modern laptop. It’ll be harder to justify at a higher post-Kickstarter price point. If you are interested, check it out over at Kickstarter.

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