5G being deployed where there are a lot of people. Covid 19 spreads easy where there are a lot of people.

The Covid-19 Virus spreads in cities where there is a lot of human to human interaction. 5G is being deployed in several of these cities as that’s where there are a lot of people and 5G would actually be used.

TL;DR – govt wants to poison you there’re a lot easier ways to do it.

Of course you’ve got the tinfoil hat crowd claiming that a virus (living thing,) is being deployed by 5G warping our cells into little circles that become the virus.

A while back I had a chance to go down the rabbit hole of an LTE repeater being in the same frequency as the US Military’s Microwave pain gun as a really old friend of mine had to be taught basic amperage/wattage lessons for it.

Basically the simple version is: 90f degrees doesn’t hurt (LTE) but 90,000f probably would (active denial system)

The reasoning for 5G being responsible is quite a bit crazier but being pushed by the same people that it somehow warps your cells into a corona shape and they become the virus.

It’s somewhat like blaming a grocery bag with handles or a fortune cookie for the Spanish Flu. Or that significantly more babies are born where there are overlapping LTE signals than not.

People have started burning 5G towers in an attempt to stop the spread of CV-19, and if you want a couple of million hits on YouTube all you have to do is hold up a 5G device and then say anything whatsoever about it causing Coronavirus.

Checks comments… yup, all rational and sane… promoting arson and death to the inventors of 5G. I think people need to step out and walk around the block a few times. Screen living is making people nuts.

All I’m saying is if the government or any agency wanted to bio poison you they would simply put it in the bottled water and the tap water. Perhaps on envelopes mailed to you (seriously, is nobody thinking to blame the Census? The electric company? The makers of 2020 Happy New Year glasses?)

Trying to microwave a virus into people is way too complicated of a plot but it has a lot of parts most people don’t understand so bam, easy to latch onto.

Educate your friends, stay safe, don’t go down the rabbit hole without remembering correlation is not causation. And please stop burning the 5G towers, we’re going to need them soon enough.

Or, you know, maybe after several years of being worked on and tested everywhere with no Coronavirus created, when it finally got specced out and pushed out Huawei modified it and that’s why Trump’s been all down on them for so long.


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