About those month+ Amazon Prime delivery estimates

Since the Covid-19 lockdowns people purchasing on Amazon have seen delivery estimates several weeks out. Many are not placing orders for things estimated to show in 4 weeks+ and, that’s ok.

tl;dr – you’re probably not really looking at more than a couple of days delays, regardless of delivery date listed.

Prioritization has been given to food, medical supplies, etc. Noble goal, but it may have you wondering whether it’s accurate.


I first ran into this with some SSDs I had to order. They’re not considered priority, even though they’re pretty much required for a couple of my users to work from home (dying drives,) and I had a 5 week estimate on them.

I ordered anyway as we didn’t have word that I could have gone to Best Buy and curbsided them at that point.

My five week delay was delivered in five days. Orders from third parties showed up in 3-4 days, and I noticed the USPS getting a lot of packages through it suddenly.

Shop local if you can. The items I am purchasing cannot be picked up at a mom and pop store.

I’d love to have had this in interview or sourced format, but a bunch of Amazon workers on various threads have said that the big concern is Amazon doesn’t know at the moment how much they have to prioritize item X so they’re assuming it will be much higher demand and pushing back delivery dates just so they’re never actually late.

The under promise and over deliver method.

World evidently changed enough to throw off Amazon’s ability to accurately predict how much vital supplies (food, sanitary products, instant-pot accessories, bird seed, sexual products) will impact the non-vital supply chain (windshield wipers, replacement headlights, door bolts).

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