Accell Power Dot Wall Charger

The Accell Power Dot Wall Charger is a dual USB-A 3.4amp charger with a pass through power plug that’s designed to hold an Amazon Echo Dot (3rd generation,) and manage the cable spaghetti you’re dealing with on a regular basis.

As the Echo Dot’s power plug is not a micro-USB (it’s some rounded thingie,) you still have to use the Echo Dot’s power supply and take up the pass through which sort of lowers the usefulness of the Acell Power Dot Wall Charger.

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Considering that a USB A to Amazon Echo Dot cable is relatively inexpensive, you would think this would be included, or at least an option. It would make this so much more attractive.

The plastic piece that holds the Echo Dot in place is interchangeable and detachable, so presumably future versions of the Dot, or perhaps some Google products, can be shoehorned in should Accell decide to later. Perhaps they’ll sell new holders in the future.

I could never quite get the cable snug and the buttons arranged like I wanted as shown in the pictures. This drives me a tiny bit insane, but I’ve got it in a better location now that I don’t have to look and it still can hear me so that’s all better.

One of the things I am a little underwhelmed by here is the inability to choose which way the plug goes. My newer plugs have been installed and I’m told should be installed ground on top, prongs on bottom. Some outlets I’ve seen is prongs always on the nearest corner. The idea being to prevent arcing from positive to negative under any circumstances.

Rotating plugs are not a new concept.

Overall it’s a pretty good price and a useful product if you need it, but I think for the price they really needed to throw in an adapter cable (can’t cost more than 30 cents to make,) so that you’re freeing up even more space.

I also wonder why, considering this is designed for one wall wart (The Amazon Echo Dot’s plug,) and a couple of USB-A built in chargers, is there a ground plug requirement.

Overall, it’s useful. Worth it? Your call.

The Accell Power Dot Wall Charger is available from Amazon for $24.99

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