All the connectors… all of them

Something I realized today is that with my daughters devices I’m pretty sure we’re now using every single type of plug commonly used in the past 10 years.

TL;DR – too many cables, really hoping we stick it with wireless charging and USB-C

We’ve got an iPad 2 with a 30-pin Apple connector. It’s primary purpose at the moment is videos because all the educational software decided it was time to bloat up a couple of years back. A replacement for that I believe is an iPad 4 I traded some things for and that’s a lightning connector.

Several years ago I got her an Amazon Fire Kids edition 7″ tablet and it has a MicroUSB. I thought it was dead with a busted charging port (it wasn’t, 3 bad cables oddly,) and ordered a replacement and now have the 8 or 10 inch one with a USB-C.

I’ve got a weird 4-pin magnetic connector that’s used by Paby and a robot duck (Edwin?) two USB-A or B devices for some reason, and a MiniUSB still kicking.

Everything and its dog seems to have a different charging standard over the past few years. I tried a while back magnetic USB cables but while they were good when I would use them the kids managed to lose all the inserts I needed. Even my hot glued one is now missing.

Man I hope USB-C sticks and stays. The cable spaghetti I have is absurd even in the best of times and those lightning cables are absurd. I’ve found the lightning cable plugged into the USB-C a couple of times lately and erg…

I really wish we’d get wireless charging as a standard on these kids devices as they can take a USB C and destroy it in no time flat. None of the aftermarket Qi stuff I’ve played with seems to work particularly well or have a good enough forgiveness zone for a kid to be able to position easily.

Yeah, seriously, a charging bucket to put kid’s devices in needs to happen.

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