As the world flips, mask sales from tech companies becoming standard

The science behind mask wearing and virus prevention is simple. If you’re infected and breathe/sneeze, chances are the mask, almost any kind, is dropping the viral load. You don’t get Covid-19 because one virus gets in your eye, there’s a tipping point/load at which probability favors the virus, and masks are great for that.

About three days ago every tech blogger on the planet realized this. So did every tech firm selling anything.

Sporting the Doctor Death Mask IMG 0381a1 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here
This works too and is oh so stylish

The first website I noticed selling masks was for the Tranya Earbuds I reviewed. Today my inbox is filled with companies such as Nonda, SLC, and a bunch of emails I permanently deleted that have done the pivot for survival from tech gadgetry to sneeze-guard devices.

I have a feeling within a couple of weeks these non-N95/KN95 level masks will be everywhere as people demand to escape their luxurious time at home to prop up a financial system that never made plans for the health of the community and employees while still attempting to be somewhat responsible.

So anyway, masks, read up a bit on viral load and what the purpose is (prevents you from touching your nose/mouth, minimizes droplet vector, looks like you’re a trauma surgeon incognito.)

Be safe. Remember these are only as effective as you are at remembering to wash your damn monkey paws. And don’t hoard, seriously.

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