So, I cancelled Stadia

The idea is good. The implementation felt seamless. The execution was all over the place. In case you’re interested in trying it, Stadia Pro is free for two months right now.

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Unfortunately we’re in the times of weird bandwidth issues so I can’t say for certain the problems I was experiencing were from Stadia, my ISP, something in the internet, or what the issue actually is. It affects gameplay on any action game, and video on everything.

I mean can you imagine a platform where someone yells “lag” and everyone around says “I feel for you man…” that’s Stadia.

The included Pro games are two bigger budget good looking games and seven that – look, I’m not going to bash them but they’re about as interesting to me as a playable advertisement. One of them honestly feel like it was designed to be a background video game in a low budget TV series.

Paying $50+ for a game I’d like to experience it somewhat seamlessly. Stadia does a great job of just getting you into the game, but variable controller lag, completely random pixilation, and being told my gig wired fiber connection was not capable more than once.

It’s a variable experience and it’s jarring. The idea of trying to play Mortal Kombat 11 on this and paying $59.99 for it, ugh… no.

Right now, with my experience, this is a discount platform for fighting and FPS. The pricing needs to be significantly lower than a console to entice me. $10 a month and full price games I get to not actually own? Nah.

I’ll give this another shot near the end of this trial, but it’s cancelled and right now not enticing. Great idea to play for free during this time, but not a great experience.

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