Survey: Over half remote working parents fear performance is being unfairly evaluated, working 3+ extra hours

If you’ve been living in a cave you might not have noticed that the world is effectively shut down and a really average film from years ago, Contagion has suddenly seen more action than it ever did in theaters.

Parents who can work from home are pulling double and triple duty and logging more time and hours while feeling increased scrutiny. Here’s a quick writeup up a survey from Blind, who has opened a working parent channel to discuss frustrations, stories, and the like.

Below is a cut and paste from the email I got.

Blind, an anonymous professional network, with 3.2M verified users, took to the platform and asked our users three questions:

  1. Are you a parent and working from home with a child?
  2. How many additional hours does it take to complete your typical workday deliverables?
  3. Are you concerned your performance is being inequitably compared to your colleagues?

Key Findings as of 4/06 (~6,163 Responses): 

  • 53.3% of surveyed professionals are working from home with a child
  • 61% of surveyed working parents are working 3+ additional hours to complete their typical workday deliverables
  • 14% of working parents are not working additional hours
  • 25% are working 1-2 additional hours
    • 68.8% of Google’s working parents are working 3+ additional hours
    • 65% of Facebook working parents are working 3+ additional hours
    • 35.8% of Salesforce’s working parents are working 1-2 additional hours
  • 51.6% of surveyed professionals are concerned their performance is being inequitably compared to their colleagues
    • 71.4% of Lyft 
    • 60.8% of Google 
    • 62.3% of Facebook
    • 57.2% of Microsoft employees

So, how’s suddenly finding yourself a full time homeschool, home office, and overly scrutinized employee working for you?

Side note, wife just got a request to fill out all the time she couldn’t work due to kids so it supposedly could be logged for federal reimbursement. Fun.

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