The evolution of an unoriginal idea

I was mowing a few days ago and came up with an idea (which turns out to have been mostly done). This idea was tentatively called buzzword pandemic bingo and I decided I was going to come up with a way to reopen society somehow using the blockchain and any overly hyped technology I could think of.

tl;dr – came up with an idea that other people came up with weeks ago.

I was going to use Fitbits, pulse checking rings, Bluetooth 5 (had to be 5 for no reason,) Apt-X (yeah, I know,) and 5G. Every buzzword and hot product of the past couple of years I could come up with was going to be included in this. Maybe toilet paper too.

The first part was to use the fitbits and pulse checkers to see if your body is suddenly losing… like you’re getting sick your heartrate is going to go up for the same activity it normally could do with no problem.

Bluetooth 5.2 would be for tracking who you’ve been around (wait, wait, I know… any version would work, buzzwords here…) blockchain would be the back end database so that it was decentralized and maybe companies couldn’t use it somehow, I couldn’t figure out what the apt-x was going to be, but whatever it was going to be involved somehow!

And then, lo and behold, a podcast came on that described the Bluetooth person tracking by unique identifier. I checked the date, they’d beat me by a couple of weeks.

What they didn’t have was the blockchain database and fitness trackers looking at you to see if you seem to be getting sick… but it was a great idea combined with 500 billion or so aimed to contact tracing and testing. Could be rolled out in about seven hours if only Jolt Cola would have resurfaced and helped save the world.

By the time I’d gotten in and showered from mowing Google and Apple issued this doc.

Ah well.

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