Accell Power Dot Series review

The Dot Series is a heavy duty circular surge protector with an eight or sixteen foot power cord, four tilting AC outlets, three USB-A ports up to 2.4A. one USB Type-C up to 3A, and a bowl in the center for a home assistant such as an Echo Dot (which I believe the name implies,) or a Google Home or Home Mini (which I believe it is probably best suited for.)

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These aren’t the droids we’re looking for, move along

It comes with a cover for the bowl, but the cover just sits on the thing so if bumped or turned it falls off. There doesn’t really seem to be a need for the cover unless you’re using it for knickknacks or as a guacamole bowl (don’t use it that way.)

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The USB charging appears to be 4.8amp shared across the four ports at 24 watts, so not a particularly fast charger, however it’s nothing to sneeze at.

The Dot Series base seems less like an electronics power strip than a construction site device. It’s thick.

I am left wondering what the use case with the slightly tilting power outlets is. It seems it would be less problematic for dust and liquid spills of they were kept horizontal along with not having to manufacture a hinge mechanism.

The wall plug is one of those that come off at an angle to hang out behind couches and such. This means that if you’re dealing with a low mounted power outlet (with the bottom plug within an inch of an object,) you have to watch out for the following:

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This particular use case I had to plug into the top of the outlet because the cord is too stiff and a shelf is half an inch below.

Overall, it’s got a perfect use case for someone, but it’s not quite me. No hate, feels like an excellently engineered product.

The Accell Power Dot Series is available in black and white over at Amazon. It lists four colors, but two are other products.

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