Are 37% of Americans facing pantsdemic?

One of the things that has been going around in Covid-19 times has been that eating at home was previously thought to decrease waistlines. Then we got locked down. Then everyone and their dog learned to bake bread, rye bread, sweet sweet tasty bread.

Since most of us are not essential workers, and even the ones who are probably aren’t getting to the gym any more, weight gain has been a pretty hefty topic.

Many haven’t worn pants in months. Many are scared of trying again.

A study by Withings using data from over 2 million of its connected devices found the following (cut and pasted from their press release)

  • Weight – Globally only 40% of people have put on more than a pound. In the U.S., only 37% have gained more than a pound with the average gain standing at .21 pounds.
  • Activity – In the U.S., New York has seen the biggest decline in average daily step counts (decreased by 22%) with some states like Indiana and Connecticut actually increasing in average daily step rates.
  • Sleep – On average, Americans are sleeping 12 minutes longer than normal, but are waking up around 26 minutes later than usual.

You can read the study results in their blog here titled Quarantine Isn’t Making Us Gain Weight or Slow Down.

However, should be noted that 37% of people living in the US are listed as having gained more than a pound. Globally the average increase in weight has been France .19lb, US .21lb, UK .35, Germany .41, Italy .42, China .55.

Which more or less corresponds to how long people have been locked up.

Should you have been wondering what your internet connected scale, heart and sleep monitor has been doing, it’s been gathering data for that report.

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