Get rid of background noise in most communication apps with Krisp

Krisp is a Windows and iOS app (and a Chrome browser extension,) that does a remarkable job of removing background noise automatically, which is great if you’re attempting to talk to someone and there’s are dogs barking, traffic, loud random noises in the background.

I played with the Windows version here.

Krisp audio

What’s cooler is as long as one of you has the app you can cancel out the other’s background noise. EG if someone’s on a video call with me and the background noise is bad, I can turn on the Krisp app and it’ll intercept what’s not a person talking.

The app is free for two hours a week, you can turn it on and off at will so there’s no need to have it on when the person you’re talking to isn’t in a construction site. For most, I think the free option will do.

Here’s a video I shot banging a coke can, jingling some keys, turning it on and off.

On Windows you just need to be able to select the input and output devices that your video call will use, change from your standard mic to Krisp, change from standard speakers to Krisp, Krisp will intercept and enhance as needed.

All AI audio processing is done locally, your voice never leaves your device.

If you do need more than two hours a week of background noise removal, Krisp has pro plans.

Anyway, free, neat little app, check them out at

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