Mu6 Space 2 Active Noise Cancelling Headphone final review

This serves as the final review of the Mu6 Space 2 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones we reviewed back in April and reflects three and a half weeks additional testing.

Mu6 Space 2

I managed to break the noise cancelling two more times. What triggered this both times was while I was mowing and the active noise cancellation was on it would overcompensate and start drumming my ears to the point I pulled the headphones off. It only appeared during mowing, and it was annoying. Both times it resolved quickly so we’re looking at 40 seconds of total annoyance.

Audio sounds really good when noise cancellation is off. I mean really good. When ANC is on however it just sounds ok, a tad tinny as sound gets shaped differently. Having worked with a few ANC headphones in my day, it’s good but it’s not the best in negotiating it, although that might have to do with the level at which it is actually cancelling noise. It wins hands down in dB reduction.

The Mu6 Space 2 continues to hold a special place in my heart as a headphone I can use on the phone and not feel weird. There are very few headphones that aren’t designed to be phone extensions exclusively that hold this honor. It’s been great during lockdown with being able to cancel out kid noises as they’re singing and still be able to hold a conversation.

Headphones say all day comfort, that’s close to true. They’re great but after several hours the tops of my ears tend to rebel.

Where it’s failed me

The buttonless touch area I’m not a fan of. I mean the idea is good, but in my use cases I’ve multiple times had it register a touch without anything being near it. This may be firmware fixable.

As I listen to podcasts while working in the yard I’m quite often left wondering if this is a dramatic pause or if the heat, a bug, something has once again managed to trigger the pause/play area.

This happens usually when I am moving, sometimes when I have bumped into something, but it happens enough to be annoying especially if my hands are dirt-level dirty.

So all real failures mentioned here occur doing yard work. For me, other than phone calls and video games that’s when I’m listening.


This is a blog, I get paid to convince you to purchase something through a link of mine. If you’re planning on using this during yard work I’d say skip it.

If you’re using this as a gaming headset it’s really good, but you probably want to make sure to turn off ANC during. This is problematic as I’ve played with good ANC + gaming before… it’s just the Mu6 Space 2 is kind of in overkill mode on ANC all the time.

If you’re using this for music, it’s great without ANC, it’s OK with ANC. It is the best I’ve played with at actively cancelling out outside noise, but it’s not the greatest at sound while doing that.

And it holds the distinction of the only headset I want to talk on the phone on.

You can find the original review over here.

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