Plex adds… yeah, you can just skip this

One of the fun features of most streaming services these days is to skip the long and drawn out slow intro that is the only time you’re going to see video anywhere close to 4K.

If you happen to record your shows on your own Plex server like I do (using an HDHomeRun DVR,) or you pirate entire seasons of shows, you’ve been left with no real good way to auto-skip past the intro, even though Plex does a bang-up job of removing commercials.

Well, that’s changing thanks to the fine folks at Plex using an audio fingerprinting technique to match the intro audio to the intro. Once that’s done and the media tagged when you start playing it you can just skip it.

image 23 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here
Plex audio histogram (fingerprint,) but if you look closely you can see two tigers battling a boat

The feature requires a Plex Pass, but if you’re complaining about paying a one time fee for the Plex software and development you can set up your own system with Kodi and do the plugins yourself, or you can press the right arrow on your controller 3 times to skip the average intro song.

Now if Plex and PlayOn would just get together to pull seasons and episodes off of streaming services you subscribe to that would be perfection.

[Plex blog]
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