Tracking the Coronavirus on a more local level

Most if you probably have an official coming out and giving daily updates with where your city is at in terms of services, what the viral infection rate is, and roadmaps for reopening.

But if you’re trying to find out historical data for your state, or a nearby state, it’s been a bit of a slew of locations you have to run to.

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The people who made the website are trying to simplify this with a new site called Coronalytics. At least in the States, you can see historical data by day, compare your state to others, see death rates and positive infection rates by day, and generally be able to tell what area is getting better and what area is probably going to get worse.

Here’s the email I got from them today:

Three months ago, we launched what I believe was the very first coronavirus app. Today we’re launching a new product: Coronalytics.

With this new app, our users can compare the spread of COVID-19 across time, countries and regions, using a wide range of charts: cases, deaths, fatality rate, cases per million people across time, etc.

We’ve been collecting data longer than anyone else and for most countries —including the United States — we have historical data since case #1.

For reference, our original app turned out to be quite popular, with well over 100M+ visits, 1M+ users visiting the app on a daily basis, and 2,000+ incredible supporters who bought us a coffee. We were also featured on Business InsiderForbes and many others.

One of the most requested features was the ability to compare the spread of the virus across countries. And by that, we found out that people meant predicting where a country is headed based on the curves of other countries. As we were building it, we realized that it was too big of a feature to be just that — a feature — so instead we made it a product.

I thought I’d let you know. If you have any questions, please let me know!


Kevin Basset
Founder at Coronalytics

Since the launch of their site I’ve probably used it and the Worldometers tracking more than any other site on the net. Then again, part of that has to do with informing our neighborhood association on what the numbers here are and not perpetrating bad data reporting (Looking at you unreleased White House hotspot sheet that said Nashville was a center of an outbreak because whoever made the sheet combined 12 counties in the state and called it Nashville.)

So if you’re a numbers person, head of a neighborhood association, or just trying to prove that Bill Gates is attempting to implant microchips in you to track you, is a great resource, and Coronalytics looks like it will be as well.

Consider buying them a coffee if you end up using it nearly as much as I did…

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