Well crap, Nashville.

Last night for about 20 minutes Nashville had 80+ mph sustained straight line winds. This took out power to about 160,000 homes last I looked. Round two is coming in tonight.

As I read it, this affected more people in terms of electric loss than the tornado, but that’s from Twitter so who knows.

I’m once again one of the lucky ones. We lost power for a couple of hours, but because I live right across from a high rise retirement home that has to have power, my street gets priority. My house also got sheltered by a 13 story high rise somewhat.

Neighbor’s car got treed. Next block 3 trees down on wires and cars. I spent some time cutting things up yesterday but the vast majority of downed trees were sitting on wires and yeah, no.

So to recap, March 3rd tornado (quite unexpected,) March 17th Covid-19 lockdown for Nashville meaning all the help for the tornado ravaged sort of dried up, and May 3rd and possibly tonight 80+ MPH sustained winds. Again.

I know nobody has money at the moment, but if you’ve got some to spare could I ask you to toss it toward Nashville / Tennessee disaster relief it would be appreciated.

We’ve already got food banks stretched to the limit, the weather went from 60’s (f) to high 80’s after knocking out power so people’s food is spoiling and the local power utility saying restoration times could be as long as two weeks.

Also if someone would please fix the weather I would appreciate it. In 25 years we’ve been through two tornadoes (unseen for nearly 80 years before that,) a 1000-year flood 10 years ago (May 2-3 2010,) hurricane force winds last night and possibly tonight.

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Paul E King

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