Attempt to destroy the KeySmart Nano Torch Twist, day 1

I did not expect to be doing a follow up review on this product, the TL;DR version is I think I got a unit with both a bad battery and a connection problem. A light you have to charge constantly to have it work for a day or two was not something I’d keep dealing with and pretty much put this aside at the end of last year.

It’s already broken, I addressed that it was having issues in the review, the PR people weren’t interested in sending a new one out and neither was I. It was good if it wasn’t broken. Should have gone in the recycling bin back in January.

Cut to the Pandemic – I’m at home, realizing my attic bedroom has serious heat leaking issues and one of my projects is to be in enclosed 120F spaces hanging insulation to try and drop my absurd cooling bill and requirements. My good flashlights were at home.

The KeySmart Nano Twist wronged me for what I decided was the final time (got bumped, turned itself off, leaving me in an attic crawling area with no light having to belly crawl back through old insulation, and then it managed to do this to my hand when I got it and had to use a little weight on that hand.

2020 06 04 17.51.50 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here
That’s a blood blister, not sure exactly how it did that.
I’m assuming I came down on the spinning head.

I decided it was time for it to die.

I generally don’t attempt to destroy stuff. However, combine being in 120 degrees, insulation from 1940 falling on me, the dark, and wasting several minutes because the thing shut off from a minor bump, and a choice was made. Beat the thing against a 1995 computer until the flashlight breaks.

Seemed reasonable then. Very cathartic also. I destroyed a case from a computer that hasn’t been powered on since W was president and needed to go to recycling. The light kept shutting off but would come right back on and then I’d whack it some more.

2020 06 04 18.05.48 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here
Sort of a Boba Fett look

I did nothing other than to put case paint onto the flashlight and break a bit of the plastic ring.

At this point I decided to run over it but that didn’t do anything. 5000 pound vehicle, tire contact area the size of a beach ball. We’re talking maybe 200 pounds of pressure. I hadn’t really considered that before. Throwing it into the air and it landing on the road, nothing. Light shut off, turns right back on.

Day 1. Light wins. Paul’s destructive and petty quest failed. New ideas needed.

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