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Extreme phone slowdown and evident fix

Throughout the day my phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on Sprint/T-Mobile,) started acting like it was under full load, not connecting to LTE, and being fairly warm. Odder still is I could not get the phone to install any apps, as I decided I was going to install a cache cleaner but everything stalled out at 70 percent or so whether on WiFi or not.

Multiple reboots appeared to fix it for a few minutes followed by I’d attempt to perhaps text someone, or just use text on Facebook, and the phone would start acting like I was out in the rain and losing my trace / generally being slightly warm garbage.

As this was happening during the third day of curfew, 78th day of Covid lockdowns, probably T-2 days until martial law, it was kind of concerning.


  • Works for a while then terrible
  • Only connects to 3G
  • Unable to install from Play Store, install claims pending constantly
  • Might be saying WiFi will be connected when it’s better

Attempts to fix

  • Update profile and PRL
  • Check Access Point Names against wife’s working phone
  • Kill cache and data on several apps
  • Move photos and anything I might want to save elsewhere off phone
  • Power phone completely off, say a little prayer, turn it back on
  • Removed private DNS

Evident fix

  • Dial ##72786#
  • Wait nearly 12 minutes for reset to occur with white screen saying RESET or something similar (usually happens in under a minute)
  • Three minutes of post reset provisioning with OMADM / firmware updating
  • Suddenly reaching 150Mbit speeds on the T-Mobile/Sprint network

All the red herrings?

My guess is the Play Store and the keyboard had something to do with the phone being maxed out. This would account for the system losing my touches while swipe typing, and there may be a “wait until the phone is ready to install this” in the Play Store.

Post ##72786# network settings reset everything works fine. Your experience may vary.

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