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Google Home testing targeted broadcast for some, time travel

While attempting to get some info on broadcasting to a specific speaker I used this search engine called Google, you might have heard of it, and ran across this little gem:

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Dated 41 days in the future as of this writing it deals with being able to broadcast from speaker to speaker, which is something I’ve wanted for a long time as well as the ability to freaking disable broadcast functionality completely for when a cranky 7yo decides to spam it. Also as to why that’s dated 41 days in the future, I do not know. It’s a thread from back in Feb.

Android Police spotted it back in February and it just appeared on the radar again. It has to roll out to your account, nothing you can do. If it works you can say something like “hey google broadcast to Maggie’s room go to bed” and it’ll go to a single speaker as opposed to every speaker in the house.

If it doesn’t work, and hasn’t rolled to your account, you’ll hear “to Maggie’s room go to bed” on all your speakers.

Now if they’d just get room to room intercom going… broadcast is less than ideal.

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