T-Mobile explains how they literally became the uncarrier

T-Mobile and Sprint had major issues a couple of days back. Usually when these things happen we’re told that the problem has been resolved and left to imagine that perhaps a group of highly specialized ninja cats were doing battles with the squirrels of a rival carrier who were chewing through lines.

Not this time buddy! T-Mobile’s owning up to the problem by pointing the blame at a the failure of a leased fiber circuit in the south east that caused a meltdown/packet storm/overload. At least this time someone didn’t shoot the internet out like they did comcast.

The issue supposedly did not affect customers on Sprint. I, however, was having issues calling anywhere. Then again I had just got this email and am on different towers so who knows what I was actually on.

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Should be noted that all the other carriers that were mentioned being down weren’t… just a crap ton of people calling to and from Sprint.

I will also note that this does not rule out highly trained ninja cats vs squirrels of another carrier, but it was probably just a circuit and a bad set of routing tables.

Also, they announced this last night, I’m just really really late to the party.

You can read the writeup in the T-Mobile Newsroom

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