The UNIQ Air Capsule LYFRO – 10W wireless charger, UV sanitation station

Your phone is a dirty, dirty thing containing more potentially harmful bacteria that the average bus station toilet seat, but you probably already knew that. The problem is you get wipes, sprays, etc and then forget to wipe it down and the next thing you know you’ve got butt germs on your face.

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What if you could charge your phone and clean it at the same time? That would be nice. Unfortunately this is not quite that product, but it’s close in that it’s a wireless charger with a UV disinfection chamber built underneath that claims to kill 99.9% of bacteria and germs within 8 minutes with UV-C light.

I’m using it at the moment with my Galaxy Note 8 in its case, so the thing is capable of some seriously sizable phones. There’s more space, although not a lot of it. I would say something like the Galaxy Fold looked like it was larger than this could handle, but not much else I’ve seen short of a tablet wouldn’t fit. You can throw in earbuds, wallets, credit cards and the like and they’ll be sanitized in under 10.

The light shuts off when you open the unit, but you can pry it open a bit to see it’s operating. Not sure if that’s terrible or not, but it does let you know it’s working. A faint glow around the edges also tends to let you know.

The 10W charging coil on top lets you wirelessly charge. It’s a little less of a target area than I’d like in that it does take looking at my phone to make sure I’ve got it on the right spot. That’s my top complaint about the thing although there are other issues, such as there’s no defined grip points to open the unit. Fingernails and dry hands required.

It’s large enough to hold my keys and wallet, and appears to be charging my phone while disinfecting them via UV-C lighting. I doubt the UV-C LEDs take up a lot of charge power, but it’s not something I’ve attempted to metric over the 8 minute course of light death.

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Overall, neat little all in one. Wish you could charge devices while disinfecting them but unless I’m completing missing the hot spot there’s no charging coil on the inside. There’s also no power adapter included so make sure you’ve got something capable of powering it.

It’s priced higher than I’d pay for a charging pad and UV sanitizer box without a power adapter personally, but then again I’m fine with dashing alcohol on my phone and I don’t use earbuds all that much. Your usage case will vary.

You can get the air capsule at UNIQ’s website.

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