Should you ever wonder why there’s so much of a certain brand phone coverage at launch

If you ever wonder why a site would drop all articles to focus on a single phone brand’s launch for weeks (other than nothing else to write about,) I thought I’d give you a little insight. As a note, what I’ve posted below is a fairly standard offer, this is not an expose on a phone brand by any means. You probably already know this.

This email came to me, this is how you’ll be marketed a phone next month. This is how you’ve been marketed phones for a while.

I’m cutting out what phone it is that’s launched at the start of August as this is standard, not anything unusual. When I say it’s standard, I mean this is what I’ve seen for the past 5 years.

Some stuff removed introducing brand manager and phone.

Additionally, thatphone will be launching an exciting new product line at the start of August! Though final details have yet to be announced, the hype for the launch is already building! We would love to have you joined to the program to take advantage of the surge of interest upon the new product launch and are open to working with you to lock in editorial content on a flat fee or CPA increase basis.

By joining the thatphone program, you will have access to the following program features:

· 3% Commission on each phone sale
· 7% Commission on each accessory/gear sale
· 30-day cookie duration
· Average order size of $500+
· Free shipping available, and regularly updated sales events, banners and text links
· Fantastic onsite traffic and conversion
· Continuously updated product feed
· Fresh content available via our community: redacted.re.dac.ted

As noted above, this is standard marketing. $15 a sale to a website. 30 days to potentially convert those eyes into buys. Oh yeah this indestructible phone needs a $20 sheet of plastic and some earbuds at 7% back to me.

The fresh content is story ideas that everyone will be copying and pasting, the locking in editorial content is, I’m guessing, buying placement.

Additionally (not mentioned here) there will usually be a little self-propping up loop in which site posts review, gets linked by manufacturer to drive eyes down the channel and reinforce that it’s a review, not an advertisement, drives purchase.

This an angry rant? No. Just when all the sites out there have a single phone coverage for a week, this will be why.

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