T-Mobile rolling out free Scam Shield

T-Mobile’s rolling out a large set of utilities to its customers on T-Mobile, Sprint, and Metro PCS.

Some of the highlights from the press release are free Scam ID and blocking. Not only can you be alerted that a scammer is calling but you can also never have your phone ring. Enhanced caller ID with verified caller (know that you’re really getting a call from business X). Free change to a second number if your phone is nothing but a spam magnet. Some identity theft protections for a limited time.

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And then a free scam shield app, although it appears the app will contain paid-for in app purchases for advanced call controls. Really not sure what that entails as there’s nothing in the release about it. Perhaps something to limit calls from businesses to certain hours.

T-Mobile is also allowing you to have a proxy phone number you can give out with their DIGITS app.

Anyone on the combined networks can download the Scam Shield app starting on July 24. T-Mobile postpaid and Metro customers can dial #662# to block scammers at the network level now. Sprint looks like we’re going to have to wait until the 24th and use the app however.

Looks like they’re implementing STIR/SHAKEN as well

[T-Mobile Newsroom]
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