Those cheap and free VPNs weren’t worth what you paid

From plain text passwords to exposing private information seven no-logging free-to-try VPNs (most evidently operated by the same company with different names) leaked terabytes of log information onto the net. Oh what, they were no-log services? How strange that all their logs are out there.

Source: Richard Patterson

I’m going to also make perfectly clear that you’re going to be reading variations this article quite a few places today with suggestions as to where to get a VPN. You should probably know that commissions on VPN sales are roughly 50% – EG, if the VPN is $60 a year, the site that referred you to them (eg Pocketables) gets about $30 in sales. Even the sites that don’t tag VPNs get offers to leave up articles suggesting you go to this, that or the other VPN service.

I’ll post some of the rates next email I get offered. Any time you post something about a VPN you get contacted with some really great offers. We don’t do that. Pocketables is done with VPN companies even if the money is OnePlus levels.

VPNs are big money because they cost so relatively little to actually operate. Well, at least they cost so little when they’re poorly done. Most of the ones listed below are just VPN software, a hosting plan, and some graphics slapped onto a package that already exists, and at least 5 of them have the same payee.

Leaking log data you claim to not keep is about the worst failure you’ve got – this means that not only was your no-log VPN a lie, but the VPN company couldn’t even keep their plain text logs safe from hackers. This isn’t a “we can do better” moment, it’s time to move on. They’ve lied on logging, obviously can’t secure anything, and are otherwise making you less secure on the internet while charging you for it.

What… it wasn’t hackers? They just straight up configured their systems in such a way you could literally search for the logs from the internet and find them? Whaaaaaaaaaat?

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If you’re using Fast VPN, Free VPN, Flash VPN, Super VPN, Secure VPN, Rabbit VPN, UFO VPN, might want to have a read.

Anyway, you can read the whole deal here: [The Register | Android Police]

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