Unboxing and setting up our new bench top multi-meter

There have been quite a few articles i’ve done that would have benefited from the ability not only to test things instantaneously but log the data over time. To that end I recently purchased an MS8040 bench meter by Mastech I found a particularly good deal on. This isn’t the highest end meter ever but I do anticipate will be more than sufficient to scratch that itch I’ve had for. Below is both the unboxing and initial tour of the meter and a video containing the somewhat excessive efforts I went through to actually make use of the data logging features.

Here’s rick talking about the usb to serial adapter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7JmC…

And where I found the stuff I needed for VB6 http://blog.danbrust.net/2015/09/14/i…

Music provided by Elextrix, Check him out here.

Equipment used Yi M1(still camera)
Z-cam E1 (video)
Meike MK 25mm F1.8 (lens)
Lexar Professional 1800x microSD (Storage)
Beachtek DXA-Micro-Pro+ (Mixer)NW-700 (Microphone)
Shotcut (Editing software)

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Daniel Smith is a full time IT administrator at a medium sized private business former FRC coach and technology enthusiast.

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