Automatically disinfect high-use surfaces with UVSoap

Door knob? Faucet? Elevator buttons? Does not matter what it is, if it’s touched by a lot of people on a regular basis it’s probably got fecal germs, other bacteria, or more on people’s minds these days – the possibility of a coronavirus.

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While the touch-transmission rate of the current coronavirus has been downgraded a tad, that doesn’t mean you don’t want the surfaces to be as clean as possible and UVSoap’s UVC Surface Sanitizer can potentially help with that.

The way the product works is by detecting motion, and a minute or so after there is no motion (you’re no longer around it) it bombards whatever it’s pointed at with UVC light killing off most germs and bacteria within a few seconds.

This appears to use standard UVC, and not the long-chain UVC, so it will not operate while it thinks there’s someone around (presumably because short chain UVC can damage you,) but if you pull a Drax you can generally stick around long enough to photograph the light that comes out of it.

The device uses 3 AA batteries, which it comes with, and suction cup technology to anchor it about anywhere. It also comes with some discs you can adhere to less suction-cuppable surfaces that allow you to place it wherever.

The suction cup works well, but the actual unit does not appear to be terribly rugged as it will break into component parts when dropped (although none shatter.) We looked into getting some of these for work, however with suction cups being the only option to adhere them we were expecting they’d just wander off.

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Dropped, popped, went back together no issues

They are good for home use and monitored entrance use however. At $25 or so a pop they’re not something to lay around an unmonitored location however and that’s a bit of a problem as they’ll walk out of an office.

I’d planned on having a petri dish before and after but discovered the surface I was using was lysoled to death shortly before I got started. So all I can say for sure is UV light, pretty sure it’s reigning death down, no estimated length of battery life but I’d expect a few months.

I’d like to see the head adjustable and more permanent mounting options so I didn’t have to worry about these walking out the front door of my office, but for some general use keeping things clean for cold and flu season you probably’ aren’t going to go wrong with these.

You can grab them at the UVSoaps website

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