CenturyLink/Level 3 outage knocks out chunk of internet this morning

If you’ve been having random internet problems, well I feel for ya son. Starting about 1am EST if I did the math right one of Cloudflare’s major peering partners went poof. Cloudflare is a service many many websites use and if you use for DNS and such you’re using them. Issue has nothing to do with Cloudflare, but they’re the ones I’m linking to because they write up what happened as opposed to “a network issue happened techs are dispatched” followed by dead silence unless you call.

For me this manifested with one of my morning routine sites absolutely refusing to load and kicking me off, for others this caused a mass of traffic to go and make things such as video calls stutter (at least I’m assuming that’s why we had Max Headroom moments this morning.)

You can read the Cloudflare blog here about it. Short version is something was throwing errors and failover configs didn’t work.

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