Clean your filthy phone with the Lyfro Myst

The Uniq Creations Lyfro Myst exists as one of those products you know you probably should have but thinking about carrying cleaning fluid around to remove fecal bacteria from a phone isn’t something you want to invest much time into contemplating.

Lyfro Myst

The Myst is a triangular spray bottle with three cloth sides that can be used to remove the spray from your phone. The cleaning part is stored in a triangular plastic case and for flat phones and tablets the design of this is about all you could want.

Lyfro Myst

Unfortunately (for me,) my phone case is textured in such a way that it’s not cleanable by the Lyfro, so half of my filthy phone is getting the spray wiped off by my shirt. That may be an exclusive to me problem, but I suspect not. Cases are generally textured a bit oddly and trying to clean with a triangular stick, meh.

The thing makes the best iPad / tablet cleaner I’ve run across however. The Myst claims it can spray about 400 times and the microfiber sides can be detached and washed. I found an iPad size was about 3-5 sprays for both sides, my phone maybe 1.5.

The Myst can be refilled, however they do not tell you what to refill it with in the instructions that I can find. As the solution says to leave it on there for two minutes before wiping off I’m guessing something fairly un-lethal that can be replaced with liquid death after you finish round one.

Overall, a decently designed sub $10 spray bottle and wiper for those who don’t want to deal with filthy screens and perhaps show off a non fingerprinted screen for some reason.

You can grab the Lyfro Myst over on Uniq Creations.

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