Day two of Nashville’s remote learning, smoother than day one

Yesterday saw frustrated parents in tears if my neighborhood Facebook feed is to be believed. Problems with remote learning on school issued devices plagued the town. Teachers has just days to set up classroom activities on the recently purchased education system, and most importantly the security VPN software Nashville used was not ready for 40,000 or so concurrent connections.

My child’s school’s internet where the teachers were in classrooms by themselves blew out along with their phone system I’m told. It was not a stellar start.

Today was different… oh, it had its challenges, but the tech side seemed to be working which is impressive.

The next problems are structural because many of these schools were left with a few days to figure everything out class by class. Both of my children currently have a morning meeting at the school. This is a series of Microsoft Teams link that was sent in a PDF by the school principal to the parent’s email addresses that you have to manage to get over to the locked down school laptops.

My second grader gets her teacher’s Teams links in Bloomz, which we have on our phones and personal emails. Also a little bit of a challenge to get them to the computers that prevent 80% of useful operations that don’t involve the school.

My kindergartener’s teacher emails out calendar invites which currently are showing in my work email. Once again, getting them to the locked down laptops is a bit of a pain.

All sumountable – this was day two. Luckily everyone is of the expectation that this is going to be a week to just test things.

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Theoretically Nashville may go back to in-person classes after Labor Day. That requires Metro to be in Phase 3, which we’d been at for a while before jumping from 75 cases a day 14-day average to 408 (July was a bad month) – I don’t think Metro has finalized a plan other than wait and see how bad the surrounding counties end up.

Not really sure about that. I took my kids to a park the other day, they located one other kid and my 4yo immediately sneezed on him (it’s grass/pollen, but anyway)

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