The Recycled Ekster Parliament Wallet – before it was a wallet, it was a car

The recycled version of the Ekster Parliament Wallet caught my attention for another one of their products (a credit card sized Bluetooth wallet finder card that we’re still testing and will link here later,) but the Parliament Wallet is notable on its own for anyone suffering from pocket space issues who wants some RFID security.

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While the fact that the faux leather is made from used car glass (on the recycled option, not the regular,) is a marvel to recycling, the wallet doesn’t cut corners with eco signaling and is a pretty well designed device for those who just want something to carry and present their infinity plastic cards. That’s what this excels at, getting your cards out without having to have display space in a wallet to get to them. Press a button and six cards display themselves.

There are 3 additional side pockets for more cards that don’t need easy all the time access (looking at you Science Center membership that I have an app for,) and each of these pockets you can fit a couple of cards in it.

RFID blocking means you’re probably not going to suffer a bump and clone. I assume the RFID blocking is only for the main 6-card display slot based on their RFID protection page, although it might do a little to block out some vectors of attack if your other cards were shielded from the outside.

The only real issue I have with this wallet is the lack of an ID display window. However with the rise of Covid-19 I’ve found those are less useful as everyone’s scanning ID through plexiglass now. An issue some people might have is there’s not a lot of room for cash, but as I haven’t carried more than about $8 in the past decade this isn’t an issue for me.

The wallet is fine, and if you’re a vegan or just don’t like leather the Ekster Parliament recycled version is for you. For about $10 less you can go with the non-vegan top-grain leather version over on Amazon (commission link) (non-commission link).

This is a great going-out on the town wallet, a little smaller than going out with kids wallet requires, but otherwise a pretty fine seeming little wallet.

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