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YouTube Music playlists appear to be playable from Home/Assistant now

As we discussed, the lack of playlist support suuuuucks when you have kids who like going to bed with a specific set of music, and I had a long conversation with Google support both on twitter and chat and it was determined that playlists would work in app but assistant could not play them.

About seven minutes ago I forgot they didn’t work and asked the speaker in my 4yo’s room to play her bedtime playlist I’ve been asking it to play for the past two years… and it did.

Beats me if this will work for everyone, I’m a special snowflake, or if support was announced over the past couple of days and I missed it, but asking google to play her playlist resulted in the Google Home Mini telling me “playing <playlist name> on YouTube Music” and worked.

As with all things Google when this works, who it works for, when you’ll get it, why you didn’t have it in the first place, what it actually heard, who knows. Worked for me a couple of times tonight.

That is all.

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2 thoughts on “YouTube Music playlists appear to be playable from Home/Assistant now

  • Avatar of Northwest Eagle

    I just tried it on my Google Home Hub and it seems to work!
    But for how long?

    • Until they ditch YouTube Music and go with something like Google Sounds that can only play 8-bit tone versions of whatever you’re attempting to play.


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