Google Photos and Walgreens possibly teaming up to make worst printing experience possible

If reports are to believed (see below for why I say this,) Google is combining all the ease of digital photography printing with standing in a line waiting for the one person working the Walgreens photo department, main cash register, and FedEx shipping station to clear a never-ending queue of people checking out with cold and allergy medicine to get your off-color prints.

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Once orders are placed, they can’t be cancelled, edited, or if my FedEx experiences at Walgreens are any indication of future performance, picked up.

You’ve been able to do this with Google Photos and Walmart / CVS for a while now, they’re just adding a “I didn’t have anything to do today” option to the list.

I mean, maybe Walgreens isn’t terrible at photo printing these days. They have to do something right.

You can still print at CVS and Walmart.

I’m going to note on this source – it’s from Android Police, and their linked sources say nothing about Walgreens, nor the customer experience hell that people are about to run dead into. My guess is it appeared, they linked it, and Google changed it, or perhaps this is a big misunderstanding and Alphabet realizes what Pandora’s box they potentially opened.

But Walgreens… yay?

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