Google to change TV product name, no, not that one, not that one either

The Google Home app was updated yesterday and along with it we learned that Android TV is being rebranded as Google TV. Actually we’ve suspected that since May but it’s showing in some of the updates now.

Relax, Chromecast isn’t being renamed… yet.

If you’re not clear on the naming conventions, which I admit I wasn’t, Android TV is a version of the Android operating system designed to play on displays such as a TV, and generally goes with a remote. Most of the apps for Android TV receive streaming content, and if your child didn’t lose your only NVIDIA Shield remote, it’s a great experience.

Side note, if there’s anyone at NVIDIA who might want to talk to us about reviewing one of their … nevermind…

YouTube TV is a product that Google produces that streams content to you.

So, in the future you will say Google TV runs a TV modified version of Android, was Android TV which ran/runs YouTube TV, which is owned by Google; but YouTube on Google TV is not YouTube TV even though it’s YouTube on a TV through Google TV. The thing that provides the Google TV will most likely not be a Google product, but if it is it’ll be the one that plugs into the TV that’s currently named as a combination of fishing and a browser codenamed after a feature of 1950’s cars.


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