Need a makeshift amp for your phone?

Last weekend we went to a state park and took everything (I’d hoped for camping but whatever.) I mean we’re talking six hundred pounds of drinks, food, clothing, tech, and we were everything wrong with the idea of going into a dark skies park to look at the stars. What we didn’t bring was a Bluetooth speaker, or any sort of speaker options, and after the kids went to bed (cabin, awesome, not camping) on a hot night in a state park with a burn ban looking at the stars, we wanted some music.

Oven amp

TL;DR – look at the picture, grab one of those and see if it works for you – kitchen claw from Dollar General we think.

I had my phone with me, and on that phone I had some FLACs I use for audio testing but man, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is not spectacular in the music playing arena and as such it sounded like a quiet, tinny beast as I tried getting some of my favorite (and only, there was no cell signal,) music to play.

Inspired by a story from a Steve Jobs book, I looked around for something I could use as a natural amplifier, didn’t see anything, and ended up sticking my phone while playing into the above kitchen-claw just to set it somewhere. Lo and behold, silicone kitchen claw brought the amp.

Also evidently crows like David Bowie’s older music, but that’s unrelated.

Scene from the trip (yeah, I used that Sandmarc filter)
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