There is a whole hell of a lot of malware and phishing out there today

It started this morning with an old server getting hammered with ransomware, and by noon I’d seen two legit looking pages pop up from advertising code on sites on my computer indicating that McAfee antivirus web protect subscription had expired, one of these a bust-out ad on Worldometers. Not having installed that ever, and realizing when I’m not on the page I clicked, not really a thing that concerned me.

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Ah yes, program that was never installed and the button goes to pleasetrack

My inbox is filled with phishing emails forwarded in from various clients. I’ve got reports that my web hosting was knocked down last night for quite a bit and no clue why.

I’d say the war for our computers is in full swing today. Watch out. Maybe it’s just Monday though.

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Paul E King

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One thought on “There is a whole hell of a lot of malware and phishing out there today

  • Should also be noted that advertising buy rates have gone up 10x+ in two days, which sort of indicates people really are paying exorbitant amounts to advertise on certain sites. Yeah, same basic traffic and yesterday the rate was 10.2x normal.

    So ads got obscenely expensive… wondering on this one…


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