Today’s the last day of US election insanity before the next months of post election insanity

I mine bitcoin while my home computer does backup duty for several other computers. I’m the cloud (someone else’s computer,) as well as a pro cloud behind me and a disconnected drive that cycles and gets verified on a laptop whenever I think about it. But while my computer is twiddling its thumbs it’s using a graphics card and occasionally a CPU to try and make my electric bill back (it has been.)

TL;DR – expect internet disruptions due to both DDoS, hurricane, election, prep for the hurricane on paper now,

Today the attacks begin. You know about the public faces of a lot of them, from intelligence operations, false news stories, disinformation agents, lies, half truths, and worry. The worry is the interesting one and appears to have driven up Bitcoin network fees to about 12.82% as of this writing.

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Worry about a destabilizing economic future is what I’m guessing is driving the pricing. Whether it’s entirely the US election or that several chunks of the world (with the US in the lead,) apparently just gave up on any attempts to contain Covid-19 I don’t really know. I guess we’ll see December 14th when the US election is finally decided and whatever initial election related violence has petered out. But worry.

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Rollercoaster of death

So much fear of of some sort of civil war that Walmart stopped selling guns and ammo, before realizing how absurdly profitable that was at the moment and reversed that decision.

But the attacks on the networks, they are flying fast and furious. Two weeks ago a nation-state attacked Google with the largest DDoS attack ever in what may have just been testing for tomorrow.

It’s not a particularly deep stretch to think we’re about to be without internet for a few days while things are going south. So yeah, download your offline maps, get your business sorted, remember the internet comes back and so does your cat if you feed it.

So, get your offline maps downloaded, have an evacuation plan written down on paper and your friends/family for weather as the elections aren’t the only thing happening, prepare for the worst, get your internet done for the day, grab a book, got enough food? And that’s it – worry won’t change anything except bitcoin transaction prices at this point. If you’re going to hoard anything, feel free to click one of our links so we get that 3-6% Amazon referral bounty.

But really, worry doesn’t do anything. Be well. Don’t let people make you unwell. Make a plan, understand that plans change, but that’s all you can do. That and download a couple of audio books.

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