Govee WiFi Hygrometer / thermometer review

As mentioned previously Govee sent me a lot of things rather unexpectedly, and a WiFi Hygrometer (humidity sensor) was something that was actually on my radar as I’m trying to keep one of the rooms in this house humid enough to help my 5yo’s eczema but not so humid that I end up growing black mold.

Govee Wifi Hygrometer

I’ve reviewed one of their WiFi Hygrometers before, it was great, we used it at work to track down when an office was getting too cold at night and the rest of the building was fine. And it would have been repurposed for my task above had someone not walked out with it. But this Hygrometer (model H5179) showed up and project back on.

The setup is pretty simple – pair it with the Govee App, join the WiFI you can hear wherever you’re placing it, and it just works. Now, in the age of smart everything it is kind of annoying that this thing does not appear to be able to be integrated with your smart assistant so asking “Hey google, what’s the humidity in Aerin’s room?” you have to open the app, but it’s still useful. Maybe soon as it appears the data is stored on a server somewhere.

The app can be set up to alert you on your phone when things get extra moist, or too cold. It seems if Govee put some effort into this the data could be useful to smart assistants, but it does not appear to be now. Oh well. Extremely useful if you want to know how your rental property basement temperature is, not so great if you want to be able to ask Siri how the pipes are.

Overall, useful gadget, make sure you’re getting the WiFi version if you want to be more than 15 feet from it and know what is going on. I don’t see any substantive differences between this and the other Govee Hygrometers we reviewed other than this does not have a display and is easier to hang somewhere like on a nail in a basement.

It runs on 3 AA batteries and if the last one is any indicator it’ll last several months on those.

It’s cool, you can grab a Govee Hygrometer at Amazon, although I would wait personally until the price is in the $30 range, which it is on Govee’s website.

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