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How to watch Mario Lopez as Colonel Sanders in Lifetime’s A Recipe for Seduction

Should you have thought that 2020 needed to be ended with a movie from Lifetime and KFC starring Mario Lopez as Colonel Sanders, well good news everybody. It’s happening December 13th on Lifetime and yes, this is real.

Obviously a cultural event of this magnitude will require some planning to see as it airs. If you’ve got cable/dish you’re probably good, but for those of us who cut that cord a while back this leaves streaming services or the Lifetime Movie Network, although LMN does not show it streaming that day.

Your options for doing this without cost, other than the hour plus of your life that will be devoted to Colonel Sanders Fanfic and subsequent mental scarring, appear to be a Sling TV 3 day trial of their Orange package, Philo for a 7-day no obligation subscription, Hulu Live Streaming (one week free, then $55 so no,) Vidgo (3-day core package trial,) FuboTV (5 day free trial,) or go to any Lifetime-themed bar and grill and they’ll probably be playing it on the big screen.

A recipe for seduction

Obviously we all hope the hidden gem of The Chica Show (Mario Lopez as Stitches) somehow manages to portray in this new role how the dealings with Chica drove a possessed ragdoll into a later life of chicken slaughtering as a southern Colonel. But perhaps that’s just me.

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Anyway, should you have another way to view this (legally, obviously the Lifetime and Hallmark Pirate sites will have it in half an hour later,) mention it in the comments.

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