Mushkin stretches consumer capacity limits with new 4Tb and 8Tb Alpha ssd’s

Pocketables received a press release today from Mushkin regarding the new Alpha series of NVMe ssd’s in absolutely staggering capacities. Featuring QLC memory alongside a Phison E12s controller these drives are certainly an interesting departure form mushkin’s standard SMI powered fare. We’ve touched on QLC memory before in drives like the P1 and intel 660p and whie it has some major disadvantages(low write endurance and performance) compared to other drive sizes pure capacity is one way to solve them. Offering 900TBW at 4Tb and 1800TBW(this has been updated since the press release) at 8Tb these drives actually offer higher endurance than the last drives we looked at simply by having 4x or more the available nand. Finally, contrary to certain graphics cards these drives are available on amazon today in both the 4tb and 8tb capacities, although you’ll have to have a budget to match.

Press release follows

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