Pocketables and Google Adsense – the story thus far (updated)

As you may recall Pocketables Christmas Presents included a terrorist bombing, three days of no internet, and Google Adsense telling us we’re getting invalid traffic without giving any specifics because that could be used to… I don’t know… stop it?

The only odd traffic, after some research, was the Vizio TV review I did and that got a whole lot of traffic one day because I had one of four reviews online for that unit and it was on sale at Walmart for under $500 for one day. Yup, message boards, Twitter, lot of people came to read one of the two real hands on reviews at that time. So perhaps that?

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So yeah. The only stream that pays for the hosting/plugins is currently tied up for unknown reasons but you know what, I could handle that. Pocketables isn’t a huge financial drain and then I got this second slap:

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If that’s too small, it claims we’ve got adult content on the main page. Nope, no adult content on the main page. I checked every article and the only thing that I could tell possibly was in my end of the year musings I mentioned that I had an offer to sell Pocketables to a company that creates a buzzing thing, or a firearms related company. No links, no description of use.

Also Monkey Face Rock – maybe that’s getting tagged by an image matching algorythm?

Monkey Face Rock
Monkey Face Rock after climbing up the appropriately named Misery Ridge Trail

Perhaps that? The thing was up for review, there’s no closure on it but the message disappeared today that Pocketables had adult and sexual content. No emails.

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Womp womp… there goes my PBR a day habit

The only thing that’s been done to the site in recent days has been to take a Cloudflare offer for WordPress Optimization – they’ve got a $5 a month thing that supposedly helps, but it doesn’t appear it is helping us.

If anyone’s been in this same boat or has a clue, let me know. Annoying to have to keep dealing with website issues (started the year with a hack and subsequently Site5 destroying our site and backups, Vaultpress failing and losing 15 days of articles, moving to Skystra, Skystra being down hard and giving us a year credit, Skystra claiming we were getting too much traffic and me having to investigate for days, Skystra seeming to be happy with us and then telling us to get, moving to Siteground, finding out on Siteground in 5 minutes what was going wrong with the site, advertising problems left and right.

Like really, I just want to write and have a platform for some talented editors and instead I’m a WordPress technician attempting to pay for the site with the least evil ad platform of 2017 I could find that’s now throwing false accusations at me.


Well, at least we’re not in the adult content category any more. Not that there’s any reason we would have been. Now if they’d just look at the invalid traffic concerns or give me any idea what the deal is.

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