Syncwire Gravity car phone mount review

There’s nothing usually interesting about most car phone mount reviews, especially when the mount lacks magnetic grips, wireless charging, or somehow looks like it’s making an obscene gesture, but the Syncwire Gravity now holds a special place in my heart (and car,) as it’s the only car phone hold I can place wherever I want in my Odyssey and it 1) doesn’t obstruct my view, 2) doesn’t obstruct a vent, 3) doesn’t take up a cupholder.

Syncwire Gravity car phone mount

On top of that whatever they’re using as the suction cup is quite possibly the most gripping material known to man that doesn’t leave a film behind. I swear it feels like it’s glued on without using the suction feature, and adding the suction it … adheres… greatly. I asked the manufacturer what the stuff was called and was informed it’s a viscous silicone material but not much else.

I ran across something that felt like that several years ago at CES but I can’t remember what it was called – just that the people who had made it had not yet reached the end of life of their first sticky product and had no idea how long the adhesion would last. Then again, perhaps I’m out of the loop on sticky stuff that’s not produced by a kid and a cereal bowl.

Syncwire Gravity car phone mount

The Syncwire Gravity car phone mount adheres to plastic, metal, or glass but they warn to keep it off of leather and leather-textured dashes. My guess is the former would be potential damage and the latter just introducing air pockets into the mix.

You can also extend the arm slightly if you need to clear your passenger-side temperature controls, or shorten it to get it right where you need it to be. For me, this means it’s finally in a position where I can “ok google” it and it hear me without the fan interfering with the mix.

Syncwire Gravity car phone mount

Complaints, because…

The base unit, no real complaints.

On the gripper part the “U” hook I’d like it to be just a little more out there as when I drop in my admittedly absurdly large phone I have to poke it in sometimes. I’d also like the ability to rotate the thing into landscape mode for driving, but I can deal. I really hope Syncwire sells replacement heads that fit this base as I’d love to see some options like wireless charging, magnetic lock, etc.

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