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Bored? Here’s a Google Home / Nest Home bug you can play with

Sitting here watching a Showstoppers presentation and waiting on a CES presentation thought I’d detail the bug report that I sent to Google a couple of weeks back. Seriously, this is just a boring bug so don’t complain when you get to the end and nothing world shattering happens. I very much doubt this affects anyone but me as much a it does.

You’ll need 3 Home devices. I initially did this with my Lenovo, a Nest Hub, and a Mini, but it appears to work with any combo thereof.

I regularly have one of them playing white noise. The other is playing something it plays after playing a playlist on YouTube music. So two devices are making sound.

Set up a family bell, or do what I do and set up about 12 just to handle the kids virtual schedules for school. Place the Family Bell alarm on the device that will not be playing the music/sounds.

When the Family Bell goes off on the device you have to say “ok google, stop” to stop the family bell because being able to say “stop” like on the alarms would be far too useful. When you say “ok google stop” at the initial ringing of the family bell you’ll get the response “which device do you want to stop” while the family bell keeps going off. It’ll ask you at least once more which device you want to stop.

I suspect if I had three or four more Google Home devices I might be able to exploit this bug to take over Google and read everyone’s email, but I’m only on pot 2 of coffee for the morning.

So in my life, with 12 different family bells going off during a school day this results on kids screaming at google to stop, google asking stop what, and them answering, google asking which device to stop, while video meetings are starting…

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