Don’t worry, the next round of armed protests and violence are being planned on YouTube

Should you be wondering when and where to show up in your city, or in DC with a firearm and cause chaos, you might be feeling like your options are limited. Worry not, as YouTube might have your back.

From hosting videos that point people toward the fray to “fight or lose absolutely everything,” to hosting repeatedly debunked conspiracy theories, to people are coming together in the comments section to post the where and the who. YouTube has it all and appears to be violating by hosting, at least in some videos, the same TOS they claimed Parler was by hosting incitements to violence.

It does appear most of the more disturbing comments get moderated pretty quickly, but yeah.

For the most part the videos I can find that have stayed skirt around actually saying anything that 100% can be interpreted as “go and kill” and are more like “no man, I said ‘take care of’ like these people need some loving, go take care of them, and bring your gun in case you need to defend them. How could you possibly think that meant harm them? I’d never harm anyone.”

A reminder, YouTube is a company owned by Google/Alphabet, and is under no legal obligation to host anything, and if section 230 gets repealed like a whole lot of people want, would be liable for actions not taken to remove content.

Keep it consistent Google, or remove YouTube from the Play Store.

You can report comments, but you cannot report comments that have been posted and deleted by the time you click report it appears, which looks like how some of this is still going on with accounts not being banned.

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