Earin A-3 true wireless earbuds released

The third generation of the Earin truly wireless earbuds has dropped. We don’t generally do non-testing PR here, but Earin’s a company I’ve been impressed with since the beginning. There’s also that I want a picture of my daughter Aerin with the Earin in her ear at Eakin (school near us,) but that’s just because I’m an alliteration geek.

When I an across them in 2017, the Earin M-1s were groundbreaking. I’m not going to say they didn’t get outdated fast (technology tends to have a short shelf life,) but they broke the ground and the world built up around them. In 2018 the M-2s were once again groundbreaking, and in a time of BT to BT transmission on most “truly wireless” earbuds, the technology Earin was using to get a signal from left to right earbud was about the only thing that worked for my huge skull. It wasn’t Bluetooth, but I forget what it was.

Earin A-3

The A-3 has been released, I’m not sure what the name change was from the M series to the A series, but it’s the continuation of the line. I wonder if the intent is to not be confused with the BMW M3, or just move away from Apple’s new chip line… should probably find that out.

Earin A-3 specs


Speaker: 14.3mm dynamic driver / Impedence 32Ω at 1kHz
Noise reduction: ambient noise reduction algorithms
Freq: 20Hz-20KHz
Mic: 4 microphones (2 Knowles, 2 voice picuo units)
Mono mode available to share audio with friends


Music and calls up to 5 hours
1.5 hour charge time
30 hours capabilities with case




Touch, accelerometers, proximity sensors, hall sensors


IP52, Wireless and USB-C charging


Knowing what I’ve seen the past 10 years on earbud reviews I can tell you right off the bat that people are going to complain that it takes 1.5 hours to charge up a 5 hour potential set of earbuds. If you need all day long / 8 hour shifts this is not going to be your preferred headset.

Earin A-3

Really beyond that, I can’t really comment without them in my hands. Really did dig the M2s until they disappeared.

There seems to be a lot of “no protruding stem” comments, which appears in the press kits also… if you consider that no wireless earbuds had a protruding stem until the AirPods came out and then everyone had a protruding stem, you might find this as amusing as I do.

I’ll review these if we get them in for testing and link here.

Should you want to grab a set, they’re available on Earin’s website. They’re not on Amazon yet where someone is attempting to sell the M-1s for $243 which is amusing.

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