FBI looking for help identifying people who stormed world’s most secure buildings filming and livestreaming the entire thing

Yesterday, phones held high, people stormed into a couple of buildings you might have heard about in Washington D.C. Many live-streaming to their social media accounts, but most carrying phones and taking photos occasionally. Videos from inside tend to indicate the same thing. People showed with powered trackers.

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Screenshot from a Reuters Afternoon News stream

The FBI is soliciting help identifying several people. So yeah, if only the cell phone tower records had recorded who was there. Or the cell repeaters and WiFi they have on the inside of the buildings, if only they had some sort of record of who connected. Or all of that facial recognition software the government uses that they can’t use because the protesters were… checks notes… not wearing masks. Oh well.

Man, this will all be so much easier when they microchip everyone based on fears of a fake virus.

One of the most secure sites in the world, given literally two months advance warning, can’t put out a government ID skimmer?

Color me skeptical that they actually need any help identifying anyone. A couple of warrants to Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T should give them a list of everyone there along with a call to the IT department to get access to the cell repeaters in the buildings. Now if we only had some sort of database of people’s pictures, perhaps associated with their addresses and driving abilities, that we could match up to the names of people there.

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