Just don’t download the Parler data ok? (and removes it as well)

In the last episode of Funeral Parler we mentioned that all the images, videos, deleted posts, identification, etc from Parler was obtained and available. You can, with about a minute of searching, find large chunks of it available for torrenting. Many people are hosting it as well to insure that a complete copy of all the public plans that got deleted for the riot and attempted murders are maintained, and many are just planning on using the information against Parler members for trusting in a site with no security to speak of.

TL;DR – be aware that what you’re getting/distributing is more than just people’s IDs, deleted posts, doxx info.

It’s also a great big steaming pile of government issue photo documents that Parler “verified citizens” uploaded. So yeah, file a fraud alert with credit agencies if you verified with them.

Besides this however are items that were deleted from the social network for legitimate reasons. Said items possession and distribution of is prosecuted by sex crimes units. Parler did moderate and remove plenty of this, but when Parler removed something it evidently just marked it removed.

So yeah. Take this warning as you may. I’m not saying there was child porn uploaded to and quickly deleted by Parler, but from what I’ve read yeah there was. Happens on every social network. We have no idea at the moment if they scrubbed that to a separate location for law enforcement. You should assume it’s in the 77tb and 70tb dumps

You may want to take a principled stand on having deleted posts and identifying info illegally maintained, you might think that you’re helping the world by maintaining a snapshot of a hate group’s action on Parler, but yeah, there’s probably some kid porn mixed in because probably nothing Parler removed was ever actually removed.

Don’t take this as me saying Parler hosted this stuff willingly. I’ve read accounts of idiots posting that stuff and it being deleted quickly. We now know that probably nothing was ever deleted, just marked as such, so yeah. Make sure you’re not part of that chain if you can.

And if you’re torrenting this stuff for archival/FU’s sake, when the particular files/images/etc are figured out, when you’re now distributing it, yeah, you’re no longer helping the cause you think you’re helping and you’re now a person distributing 77tb of content you don’t know what it is.

I mean, take your principled stand, but know that somewhere in that data is garbage you don’t want on your computer if your system was seized.

In other news, removed their Parler data that was unrelated to the hack. Unclear why at the moment, but chances are with how bad security they had that people discovered they could get some of the same data from there as well.

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